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I am not an expert, but it was once the opinion Michael West that senescence began with sexual reproduction. Of course we really cannot lay the blame on sex, since their is no "intention" or mind behind the process.


Great questions that we all should think about. I'll try to be in that process from now on!
It occurred to me if there is any relationship between the beginning of aging in humans and the maturing of the neural network of the brain around middle 20s ?
and some futuristic questions about how will the brain adapt (memories e.g.) and make sense of the world in such a brief time. what kind of neurological pathologies could emerge?

I think the case of that octagenary indian man Prahlad Jani "I feel no need for food and water" when investigated will illuminate many areas of medicine and revolutionize physiological principles and therefore be important in giving some answers in this thematic of aging.

Maria Konovalenko

I hate to question the opinion of renowned scientists, but I do need to ask - well, what about the segregative type of aging then? It's when a part of the cell population ages, because of the assimetric redestribution of "old", damaged macromolecules between the mother and the dauther cells. I believe this can be seen in bacteria.

Maria Konovalenko

The relationship between the brain and aging is extremely interesting. Maybe, aging is to a large extent goverened by changes in the neuroendocrinal regulation, since it's one of the main regulatory systems in our body. Actually, the relation is in both ways: aging processes influence the brain and visa versa. Also, one of the things that may contribute to aging is the phycological aspect.

And Sara, do you really believe in this indian fraud? No-one can survive without food or water for decades, not even for a month. This is a fairy-tale told by mass media or whoever was interested in this story. I just think we must be reasonable. Yes, I know, I also sometimes want to believe in miracles, but I really prefer logic and common sence. It's only the thing that are proven in scientific experiments that can help us prolong our life. Therefore, we need more research into the mechanisms of aging.

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