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Two speculations:
1. Funding policy-makers are too old to expect personal benefits, so they do not care,
or/and they are adept of traditional religions that say that dying is a part of sacret Gods designs;
2. Expected demografic problems of overcrowded planet with followed wars for limited resources, so they prefer to fund millitary science and technology first...

Maria Konovalenko

1. Not all of those people are old, even if so, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are not capable of looking into the future and seeing how beneficial life extension (and automatical simultaneous health improvement) is.

2. Overpopulation and wars are seeming threats. You can read why in my post About overpopulation.
And even military agencies like the Dapartment of Defence invest a lot of money in initiatives like AFIRM, which focuses on regenerative medicine that is meant to significantly improve people's health and extend lives.

Helen Nilsson  Sköld, PhD

It is about good health and quality for the individuals and society until people die, not that we shall overpopulate this planet. Also longer lifespan and reduced reproduction follow each other tightly, so populations should decline rather than increase as a result of longer life.

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