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Samuel H. Kenyon

This is a good H+ intro and call to action, although I'm not sure if the tolerance and political ramifications of tolerance will be that simple. The IEET has been trying to figure out some of those issues.

I don't agree with the statement that "Flying to Mars...is important for progress, but is less urgent at the moment, because people are dying from senility and diseases." We should be doing both. And seemingly unrelated technologies can and will have remarkable overlaps.

The problem of limited funding to do all the important research will hopefully be mitigated by citizen scientist efforts and non-government research.


"The goal of transhumanism is for every person to have these possibilities and to be able to use them to the fullest extent."

Perhaps something less ambitious, more practical, such as "many persons" instead of "every person"? Less socialistic utopian, more individualistic realism?

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