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Would you say its more about calorific deficit, rather than low calorie?

For example, if I am an active athlete, I can be consuming 5,000 calories daily, but still have a calorific deficit.

This is then essentially a low calorie diet.

Maria Konovalenko

Well, it depends on how you define caloric deficit.
Caloric restriction is when one consumes about 30% less calories, than he normaly does.
If one is an athlete, then the rule is still the same I guess, 30% less. I don't know what the avarage calorie intake is in active athletes to provide enough energy. But my guess is that 5000 kcal is far too much, and this regime can't be described as diet restriction.
Anyway, I believe more studies are needed to distinguish the role of SIRT1 in low calorie diet and caloric deficit.

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